Bordeaux mixture – ready mix for 10L, fungicide, downy mildew - enough for 10L

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This listing is for a 2-part fungicide kit supplied in handy reselable bags which will make 10L of Bordeaux mixture
Bordeaux mixture is a fungicide used to control garden, vineyard, nursery and farm infestations of fungi.  It was invented in the Bordeaux region of France hence the name and is still used to control downy mildew on grape vines, resulting from infections of Plasmopara viticola.  This fungicide has been used for over a century in the Bordeaux region of France.  More information is available here;


I am an industrial chemist by trade and have formulated an improved Bordeaux mixture which uses the highest quality slaked lime (the white compound shown in the picture).  Slaked lime quite readily decomposes in the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, producing calcium carbonate, which is ineffective at binding to copper.  Hence, the likely hood of free copper being in the Bordeaux mixture is high.  Free copper is toxic to the plant.


I have formulated a blend of slaked lime which is free from unwanted calcium carbonate and therefore gives the highest quality Bordeaux mixture. This is not builders lime which some sellers are using, this is an impure blend to slacked lime which adds unwanted toxins to the soil and plant.


Thissale is for a 2-part set which constitutes Bordeaux mixture; each part contains 25g of compound, which will make 10L of Bordeaux mixture.  Both parts come in a resealable plastic bag for easy storage and use.  It is always best to make up the solution fresh as it does lose its potency when stored as a solution.


In addition to its use to control fungal infection on grape vines, the mixture is also widely used to control potato blight, peach leaf curl and apple scab.  It is approved for organic use, so is often used by organic gardeners where non-organic gardeners would prefer other controls.


Directions for use:  Wear gloves and suitable eye protection.  Take 2g of each compound and stir in separate containers with 400ml of water in each case.  Stir the two mixtures until all the solid has dissolved.  Then slowly add the white solution to the blue solution, stirring all the time with a cane.  This will give an 800ml solution of Bordeaux mixture.  Put in a hand sprayer and use immediately.  The solution is best used immediately, so only make just enough for use.  The powders can be stored in a tin in the shed and used as required.  When dry, blue patches will be seen on the leaves of the plant.


For the  2 x 25g components there is enough to make 10L of Bordeaux mixture.



The bordeaux mixture will be supplied as 2 compounds coming in separate resealable plastic bags and sent in a strong Jiffy bag.


Health and Safety


I hold an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for compositions used in the formulation and it is available on request as a pdf file which I will send to you.  All my products come with the appropriate labels indicating correct handling and safety.