• Lego Type multi pack


    Great fun set of Lego Type Soap Pack!

    2 x Giant Legomen Type Soap
    6 x Lego Brick Type Soap
    18 x minifigure type Legomen Soap

    The soap is made to order with your choice of colour and fragrance.

    If you would like mixed colours, no problem, please choose that option. The mixed colours will come with mixed scents, please choose that option from the scents menu.

    Each Giant Lego Type Soap weights around 50-60g and is about 9 cm long, 1 .7 cm in thickness and 5.7 cm wide.

    Each Lego Type Brick Soap weights around 20g and is about 5 cm long, 1.6 cm deep and about 2.6 cm wide.

    Each minifigure Legoman soap weights around 6g and is about 3.8 cm long, 1 cm in thickness and 2.4 cm wide.