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This auction is for 25ml of pure 50% TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) Skin Peel.


Please Note – TCA skin peels are medium-deep peels and should only be used by experienced users already use to AHA/BHA peels.


I am an industrial formulation chemist by trade and have derived a pure grade of TCA which uses pharmaceutical grade TCA and pure distilled water as the only ingredients.  There are no chemical preservatives or additives.


A chemical peel is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off


TCA peels are medium/deep peels as compared to AHA (e.g. Lactic Acid) and BHA (e.g. Salicylic Acid) skin peels.  Therefore, they cleanse deeper into the skin and will produce stronger results.


TCA removes the top dead skin cells and hence uncovers the new layer of skin underneath; this gives a dynamic and energetic look to the skin.


TCA can be used for the treatment of;


Softening fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce the appearance of brown coloured ‘age’ spots

Skin discolourations

Remove superficial blemishes

Correct skin pigment problems

Clogged skin pores (i.e. blackhead removal)

Softening the appearance of lip creases and forehead lines

Improve the appearance of stretch marks

Removal of moles and freckles


Directions for use


First Timers - It is advised for first time users to begin with either AHA/BHA skin peels treatments to test your skin’s sensitivity to these peels.

Patch tests are strongly recommended before applying this fully to the skin. It is always best to start with a low concentration if your skin is new to peels, then build up your resilience. TCA peels generally takes 15 to 30 minutes. The exact length of treatment will depend on how many "coats" of the acid are applied to your skin. First, your skin should be cleansed and degreased. Then the acid will be applied. The skin will frost (turn white) upon application (this can take from 10 to 40 minutes to go) As soon as the acid has reached the intended depth, it can then be washed off, or neutralized by adding a spoon of bicarbonate of soda, to two spoons of water, and applying to the face.

You’ll experience a slight stinging sensation during the 2 to 4 minutes the solution remains on your skin. Ice water or a fan may reduce any discomfort. You may then apply an antiseptic healing cream and a vitamin E cream to aid healing.

Please NOTE - 70% & 100% TCA must be diluted with water before use due to the strength of this peel.

It is advisable to perform a patch test before beginning the full treatment.


Patch Test: Initially cleanse the skin with a suitable cleanser / toner.  Take a cotton pad and dampen with the solution.  Apply the damp cotton pad to a small area of the cheek and wait 1-2 minutes, and then wash with plenty of warm water to remove the peel.  Then access your skin tolerance for this % of TCA skin peel.


The skin will frost (i.e. turn white) during the application, this will remain for around 30 mins depending on your skin type.  There should be no redness, burning or formation of blisters during the treatment.  If this is the case discontinue use as your skin type is too sensitive for the TCA skin peel treatment.  But, the skin can turn light pink during the peel process, after 48hrs the skin colour will return to normal.


General Procedure – Wipe a dampened cotton pad over the face with the TCA Skin Peel.  Leave for 2 mins then wash off with plenty of warm water.  Repeat after 1 month and access the result in terms of skin improvement to the problem area.  After the 3 months it is advised to allow the skin to rejuvenate for at least 1 month before beginning a further treatment regime.  After each treatment use moisturizer to ensure the skin does not dry out.  During sunny weather wear the appropriate sun screen to protect the newly exposed skin cells (SPF15 is recommended).


During the treatment phase the skin will peel and appear flaky 4-7 days after treatment.  This is a part of the treatment removing the dead skin cells.  The more youthful skin will then be shown.


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The 25ml of 50% TCA Skin Peel treatment will be supplied in a 25ml HDPE heavy duty bottle and sent in a strong jiffy bag.


Health and Safety


TCA skin peel should NOT be used if;


You have had surgery within the last 2 months

A previous bad reaction to AHA/BHA chemical peels

Radiation treatment in the last 2 months

Sun burn within 2 weeks

Pregnant or breastfeeding


I hold an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for compositions used in the formulation and it is available on request as a pdf file which I will send to you.  All my products come with the appropriate labels indicating correct handling and safety.


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