• Pokeball Soap with toy in the middle


    This auction is for ONE Pokeball Soap with a toy hidden inside!
    The Toy hidden in the middle is wrapped in plastic wrap.
    The soap is all made by hand to give the look of the pokeball!
    The soap is made fresh to order and packaged in plastic wrapping to ensure freshness.
    Your choice of fragrance!
    Dimensions (at widest point) -
    Pokemon Ball Soap – diameter approx. 6cm (2¼ “) – weight ca. 160g
    Ingredients – Claranol SLS free soap base - organic and not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans, organic natural perfume and organic dye pigment.

    Claranol soap base is manufactured by one of the oldest soap manufactures in the UK, Kays of Ramsbottom. Kay’s is a family owned business with over 100 years experience in soap manufacturing and ISO9000 quality status.

    Claranol soap base gives a rich lather with a moisturising action