10g - Cheshunt, Chestnut compound, Anti-fungal, damping off, seedling death

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Fed up with your young seedlings suddenly keeling over and dying for no reason?  This is due to damping off which is caused by fungi attack.

This auction is for 10g of improved Chestnut compound which is used as a garden spray against fungi attack for young seedlings.  I am a keen gardener and have seen strong, healthy seedlings killed within 24hrs due to fungi attack.  I am an industrial chemist by trade and have formulated an improved Chestnut compound.

Directions for use: Simply take up 2g of improved Chestnut compound in 1L of warm water.  Using warm water helps the compound to initially dissolve.  Allow to cool to room temperature and add to a hand sprayer.  When sowing seeds; spray the surface of the compost initially with the water solution of the compound.  Spray 2/3 times with the hand sprayer will be enough.  Sow the seeds and then spray again.  Sieve on compost to the desired seed depth and spray the top surface of the compost again.  That’s it; your seedling will be protected against fungi attack and the dreaded ‘damping off’.

With the 10g supplied you can make 5L of Chestnut compound solution, which will be enough for the whole gardening season.

Chestnut compound will be supplied in a double plastic bag.  Please store in an air-tight tin in the shed.  Shelf life will be 2-3 years before the compound begins to loose strength.

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