Wholesale Opportunities With NerdySoap

We thank you for any opportunities regarding wholesale possibilities for our soap products.

- Yes I can do wholesale on all the soap products I produce

- Answer to general wholesale questions are below, but if you have further unanswered questions then please fill in the contact form!

Bulk Discounts - Orders between £70.00 and £150.00 pounds will receive a 15% discount on the standard listed price.  Orders over £150.00 pounds will receive a 20% discount on the standard listed price.  For very large orders, e.g. > £500, prices can be negotiated.   

Production Time - For large order, e.g. 50 x computer cartridge soaps, production time would be 3-5 days.  For very large order, e.g. 3000 x emoticon soaps, production time would be 7-10 days.

Custom Products not listed - For your custom ideas which are not listed, e.g. your favourite character as a soap or a unique soap just for you, then please send your ideas to us to discuss further.  We gladly will create a custom soap for you or provide an alternative label/packaging to your requirements, e.g. a game cart soap label of your favourite game not listed OR a custom label just for you.  A custom soaps can be anything from the simple, such as a different scent not listed, or to the creation of a one off soap.

Custom Packaging - We can discuss your packaging requirements for your bulk soap order.  Either general wrapping in cellophane then bubble wrap to organza bags containing soaps to your requirements.

Stock Lists - All my soap is handmade and as such is made fresh to order, so I don't carry any stock items.

Further information - Please don't forget to tell me about you when sending the contact form.  I have an extensive range of soap moulds which are not yet listed on the website.  I am also constantly looking for novel, unique ideas for soap products.  Tell me about your business and your customers, and I can make recommendations on the type of soap which would be of interest.

International Orders - I will gladly ship anywhere in the world.  For bulk orders, multiple boxes will be sent to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.

Why NerdySoap? - I only use the highest quality ingredients for soap making and all my soap is handmade.  If you have customers that value quality, they will appreciate NerdySoap products. If you have customers which require a unique soap away from the well beaten path then my products will catch their attention.