My husband and I have spent several years working in the chemical & pharmaceutical industries, during that time we put in more hours than we would care to think about.  We often talked about the fact the we needed to take more time and enjoy the simple pleasures in life and make more time for ourselves.

Recently I started looking into the idea of soap making and fell in love! I immediately purchased a few simple moulds and made some simple looking soaps.  This was exactly what I needed, a way to turn the mundane, drudgery of a boring job into something I would cherish and look forward to.  Not only did I suddenly love soap making, but I couldn't stop talking about it! I talked to my husband, family and friends.  I expanded into making my own designed soaps which I now bring to you as that extra special gift for someone special in your life.  Soap making has finally become an obsession.

My new found obsession with soap making lead to the production of unique soap ideas not available elsewhere on the net.  My husband and I came up with a unique blend of retro & geeky soaps.  We also decided to keep our soap as natural as possible, using fragrance oils only when essential oils were not available.  We spent a lot of time, money and hard work coming up with what we think is the perfect selection of retro & geeky soaps, we hope you agree!